kate (lady_kate_of) wrote in survivor_oz,

how funny are the interests of this community?! haha.. i luurve tribes.

well i got a late start to the survivor shenans, but i'm back on track now. reunited 2/3 (me and craig?) of the old survivor posse and had a bit of a party to celebrate.

i'll prolly be talking about the first and second epi's together coz i watched them one after the other.

okay, so first of all - rory. you are an idiot.. as if you take the confident, leadership role before you've even made it to the campsite!!

haha.. bubba! i was so happy when the blue shirt guy(?) confronted him after brook was voted off. he is such a blithering-trying-to-be-a-cool-dad-by-going-on-survivor-and-beating-the-odds guy.

umm.. it's a shame that dolly got voted off, she would have been an interesting swing-vote for a while.. just watching her be manipulated and tormented by all the other women would have been fun. for a little bit.

the young guy.. john.. not the FBI agent, the other one. who wears the black singlet.. i think you said, coma, that he was gonna be the new ethan..? deffo agree.. he is hot hot hot. *sizzles* lets hope he doesn't follow in ethans footsteps and hook up with post-rob amber.

one of the women is very sue (i've been humiliated, dehumanised and totally spent! <-- best survivor quote ever..)and she is a highway construction worker?? watch out 'sororiety girls' <-- err. rudest nickname given to an alliance. but yeah.. i actually like her, she's tough. oooh and the rancher!! she is so awesome. i don't think she'll last long, but she reminds me of a mix of kathy and tina from all stars.

i'm getting confused.. it's hard when you don't know all their names yet.. but i don't like it how all the latest survivor series have all this alliance bullshit going on from the start. it does make it interesting, but it'd be good to see who they'd vote for themselves so you can see who they like and don't like without being influenced by each other. and then you can really see when they are backstabbing.
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