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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
8:16 am
Thank God fucking Twilia didn't win
Monday, November 15th, 2004
10:57 pm
You know you are addicted to Survivor when....
I don't get all of these since I only watched All-Stars and this season but I thought some of them were hilarious-

When you lose a game of pick-up basketball, you turn to your teamates and dejectedly say "Well, I guess we're gonna have to hike up to Tribal Council tonight."

Your friends begin to wonder why you always say "I like you guys...but not in a homosexual way."

When your math teacher threatens to kick you out of class for talking to much, you proudly shoot back "You can't. I have immunity."

You buy a Canadian Alliance membership since "the only people who ever win are those in an alliance."

When giving out your phone number, you give people your cell number, pager number, and coconut phone number.

When someone tells you you're going on a picnic, you immediately assume that all you'll be eating are Doritos and Mountain Dew.

You scour the local health food store for chicken feed.

You deliberately cook all your rice mushy because you know it will "piss Jerri off".

Whenever your girlfriend so much as mentions chocolate, you stand up and shout "The Colbster (or Danster, or Jamester or whatever your name is) is not a Hershey Bar!!!"

You throw buckets on water on people you don't like.

You justify all your actions by saying: "It's what Mike would have wanted us to do."

You think the Gore-Bush deadlock should have been decided on "previous votes."

At 12:50 every day, you announce: "The tribe has spoken. It's time to go...to Biology."

You plant beef jerkey in your friends backpack and when he leaves you tell people that you think he's been smuggling jerkey "behind our backs."

You find the mere mention of beef jerkey funny.

When voting in the provincial election voting booth, you neatly print "RALPH" on your ballot, then hold it up and say: "Ralph, if you were dying of thirst in the..."

You force yourself to watch VH1 Rock 'N Roll jeopardy just to see more of Jeff Probst.

Whenever you use a candle snuffer, you insist on saying: "The tribe has spoken."

You get the innexplicable urge to wave your finger in the face of any vegetarians you know.

You no longer talk to anyone you know named Jerri.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Survivor.
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
11:35 pm
probst.. you should have pulled the bandanna swaps way earlier!
thank god for that.. i was so afraid that john k was going to be voted off if the boys lost. if only they had mixed up the tribes earlier though when some semi-decent, perve-worthy men were on the show. i have to say that after the last two almighty series, vanuatu has not lived up to *perhaps too high* expectations. the girls are a bit blah.. and rory?! why are you still in the game!?!

i thought it was pretty hilarious when bubba and rory (who were the main LEECHES on that awful men vs boys alliance they had going on) were shitting themselves when they were in that position when they got switched to the girls team. suffer in em.. and bubba, as if chris is gonna keep a shoddy alliance with you when he has a new awesome team. bubba was my most hated and i'm so glad he has gone.

haha.. and the volcano! i'm sure it really did happen.. but the footage they had of it exploding and stuff was so stolen from some nature program. well maybe not, but i would have liked to have seen someone get hit on the head by falling coconuts.. their shelters didn't even collapse!

i liked the last few challenges though. coz i was getting annoyed with how they were all puzzles and 'mind' tests so the women had a chance. but i guess since the guys left are all fatties (besides john k and peg-leg) they assume the women are on even par with the men now.

and don't you hate it when they pretend to orgasm over eating pringle crumbs?! it's been like 10 days!? yeah.. there have been times when i haven't had kfc for a few days and i think the zinger i'm eating is the possibly greatest one ever, but it's just really annoying when it's over an 5th of a pringle.

how good is amazing race? haha.. *looks for amazing race community*
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
8:32 pm
Haha to Mia. The smug bitch is gone. Not sure if it was worth watching her go, or if Twila should've gone too...

I'm thinking the rest of the female tribe is going to thing Eliza rolled over, as Twila is the one that should've gone, according to the alliance. And I think the guy who got immunity made a good choice in giving it to someone who was ensured to stay.
Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
9:22 pm
how funny are the interests of this community?! haha.. i luurve tribes.
well i got a late start to the survivor shenans, but i'm back on track now. reunited 2/3 (me and craig?) of the old survivor posse and had a bit of a party to celebrate.

i'll prolly be talking about the first and second epi's together coz i watched them one after the other.

okay, so first of all - rory. you are an idiot.. as if you take the confident, leadership role before you've even made it to the campsite!!

haha.. bubba! i was so happy when the blue shirt guy(?) confronted him after brook was voted off. he is such a blithering-trying-to-be-a-cool-dad-by-going-on-survivor-and-beating-the-odds guy.

umm.. it's a shame that dolly got voted off, she would have been an interesting swing-vote for a while.. just watching her be manipulated and tormented by all the other women would have been fun. for a little bit.

the young guy.. john.. not the FBI agent, the other one. who wears the black singlet.. i think you said, coma, that he was gonna be the new ethan..? deffo agree.. he is hot hot hot. *sizzles* lets hope he doesn't follow in ethans footsteps and hook up with post-rob amber.

one of the women is very sue (i've been humiliated, dehumanised and totally spent! <-- best survivor quote ever..)and she is a highway construction worker?? watch out 'sororiety girls' <-- err. rudest nickname given to an alliance. but yeah.. i actually like her, she's tough. oooh and the rancher!! she is so awesome. i don't think she'll last long, but she reminds me of a mix of kathy and tina from all stars.

i'm getting confused.. it's hard when you don't know all their names yet.. but i don't like it how all the latest survivor series have all this alliance bullshit going on from the start. it does make it interesting, but it'd be good to see who they'd vote for themselves so you can see who they like and don't like without being influenced by each other. and then you can really see when they are backstabbing.
10:09 am
I missed it last night :(

What'd I miss?
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
2:02 pm
well well well..i suppose i could say i'm only here because of comas coercive/abusive email. but the truth is i actually am a little bit obsessed with survivor. i dont realise how much i enjoy it until it comes back on tv. i feared that his series could not live up to survivor all stars, but so far things are looking good.

although i was busy doing my TAFE application whilst survivor was on i did establish a few things
+ travis is an utter gimp and in severe need of a punch
+ there is one guy who is total sex on legs...dont know his name though
+ this show could be made substantially more exciting by the presence of rupert
+ there is no one on it as cool as rupert
+ the slaughtering of the pig at the beginning gave me major flashbacks to mondays episode of john safran where they bit the testicles off a goat and passed them around. i am still seriously disturbed
+ at the beginning when jeff probst was standing at the endge of the volcano i was kind of hoping he'd fall in
+ i think the females victory is going to be short lived..the boys are going to be out for blood now.
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
1:51 am
I'm hooked. Already!
I'm loving this boys vs girls business. I feel I should be loyal to my semi-feministic ways and go for the girls. Isn't it funny how the old hags are mean to the "sorority girls" but some of those guys are mighty hot and men just have better endurance.

I feel a little sorry for poor old Brooke. Chris was the one who fucked up but, at the same time, you can't blame a person for one simple mistake.

Aah, Survivor. Back in my life.
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